This is a ninth exhibition of photographer Masaya Ohara, who is active in New Zealand.

'New Zealand in Wa atmosphere'

I'm going to show the photos of New Zealand in Wa atmosphere.
You will see lots of photos on the ground floor.
Please look forward to how the photos will be displayed.

The photos will be categorized as sea, sky, mountain, lake, animal, flower and autumn colour.
Enjoy the different expressions of NZ!

The first floor is a cafe area.
As it is a very comfortable space, please relax there and be away from the bustle of your daily things.

It is a quite different exhibition this time!

(*) "Wa" means "Japanese".


I could finish this exhibition with no problem.
Thank you very much for your support!


10:00 - 17:00, Tuesday 11st - Sunday 23rd October 2011
(Cafe service is off on Sun 16th. Exhibition and cafe service are off on Mon 17th)
(I will be there during the exhibition. So please say hello to me with a light heart!)


[Admission fee]
Free on the ground floor, which is an exhibition area.

Please enjoy the meal and beverage service on the first floor.


Machiya Cafe "Syouan"
Address: 9 Zaimoku-machi, Himeji city, Hyogo prefecture,
Tel: 079-297-0828


[How to get to the Himeji venue]

If you come by car, please check this. (only in Japanese)
There are four parking spaces behind Syouan.

By walk, about 20 minutes from JR Himeji station.

Check the route to Syouan by walk.

[About Syouan]

Syouan, which is a venue this time, provides the nice meals and bevarages. Please try them.
If you are interested in them, please click the below.

Introduction about Syouan

The details are on the web site of Syouan in Japanese.

[Product sales]

  • Two photo books 'New Zealand Land of Clouds' and 'Moods of New Zealand', which have been sold only in New Zealand (The stocks are limited).
  • Postcards.
  • Photo print from the photos of the exhibition and my books if you wish (I'll post your ordered photo later).
  • Original photo books, which have got the photos from the past exhibition (I'll post your ordered photo book later).
  • 2012 calendar of NZ scenery photos (3,000 yen). This is a limited one.

The following people have advertised this exhibition to the public.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
(It is displayed in order being showed after I got a permission to be here.)

Thank you for introducing my exhibition through your SNS page and Blog.

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