This is a tenth exhibition of photographer Masaya Ohara, who is active in New Zealand.

'The Land of Clouds'

10th anniversary this year as a professional photographer.
10th photo exhibition.
10 days exhibition.

I feature the clouds photos of New Zealand, whose country name in Maori language is Aotearoa 'The land of long white clouds'.
Taking a photo of clouds is my original intention.
I wanted to have this exhibition for my anniversary year.

You will be able to enjoy the clouds formation, colour, the sky and so on.

Please come in when you go for a walk around Sannomiya, Kobe.
I look forward to seeing you there soon!



I could finish this exhibition with no problem.
Thank you very much for your support!


11:00 - 18:30, Friday 13th - Sunday 22nd April 2012
(12:00 - 18:30, Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th, Saturday 21st
12:00 - 16:30, Sunday 22nd)

(The opening hours are different from the usual one. So please be careful about it.
I will be there during the exhibition. So please say hello to me with a light heart!)


[Admission fee]


Gallery Leaf kobe
Address: 1F Nunobiki building, 2-1 Nunobiki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe city, Hyogo prefecture,
Tel: 078-231-2688(only during my exhibition)


[How to get there] (When you click the link, you can view Google Street View.)


Go out from a west exit of JR Kobe, Sannomiya station.


Go straight on Flower Road in front of you and towards to the mountains (North-north-east) by walk.


After 5 minutes, you will see a footbridge of Kano-cho. Then you will see 'Gallery Leaf Kobe' on a ground floor in the building on your right hand.
(Don't go to the pedestrian overpass. Walk through between it and an automatic vending machine.)

Please find a sign board in front of the gallery.


[Enjoy the atmosphere of NZ here!]
- I provide the nice drinks from NZ. They are less than 500yen with a snack.
- Enjoy a white and red wine from NZ with my photos.
- Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea from NZ.
- Then nice taste of orange juice.
- There are some chairs, so you can relax here.


[Product sales]
- Two photo books 'New Zealand Land of Clouds' and 'Moods of New Zealand', which have been sold only in New Zealand (The stocks are limited).
- A handy photo book and lucky charm photo book.
- The limited postcards for this exhibition.
- A photo print from the photos of the exhibition and my books if you wish (I'll post your ordered photo later).
- An original photo book, which has got all photos from this exhibition, only this time (I'll post your ordered photo book later).
- A NZ sound cd (expectation).
- A high resolution photo slideshow with a Blu-ray disk (expectation).


The following people have advertised this exhibition to the public.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
(It is displayed in order being showed after I got a permission to be here.)

Thank you for introducing my exhibition through your SNS page and Blog.

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