"If Masaya's photos are exhibited here even in a limited period, it must be lovely..."
The words turned this exhibition into reality.

'One day in summer, New Zealand'

An exhibition of photographs which express “Summer in New Zealand”.
Once you have seen these photos, you will want to go there to see for yourself.


As the above, it was started by my friend's idea.
Although I thought that it was too early for me to hold an exhibition in New Zealand, it is done when it is done.
The theme came from like 'if I show "Summer of New Zealand" in New Zealand in summer time'.
Although the photos will be smaller than the usual ones, you will see more photos than the usual exhibition of mine.
Then I'm thinking about one planning photo.
Please look forward to it!

St. George Institute of Learning supports my exhibition.


St. George Institute of Learning

It was finished on 26th February 2010. Thank you very much.
Although this was written in Japanese, you can view the photos.


I update this page if necessary. So please visit here again when the exhibition is close.

I changed the dates when I stay there.

First week - Tue 2nd, Fri 5th
Second week - Tue 9th, Thu 11th
Third week - Mon 15th, Wed 17th, Fri 19th
Last week - Mon 22nd, Tue 23rd, Wed 24th, Thu 25th, Fri 26th

I may change the dates. So please check this page before you come to the exhibition place.


10:00 - 16:00 Tue 2nd – Fri 26th February 2010
(Not open on weekends or public holidays)
(Please come inside freely without hesitation except between 12:30 and 13:30 (lunchtime for the students).
Please check the dates on the above, and won't be there on the other days. If you'd like to talk to me, please tell me when you will be there. I'll be there for you.)


[Admission fee]


St. George Institute of Learning
Great Walls Finance Building, Level 15, 155 Queen Street, Auckland
Tel: 09-379-8957


[How to get there] (When you click the link, you can view Google Street View.)


On level 15, 155 Queen Street in Auckland City.


[Product sales]
- Two photo books of mine 'New Zealand Land of Clouds' and 'Moods of New Zealand' (The stocks are limited).
- Postcards (The stocks are limited)


The following people have advertised this exhibition to the public.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
(It is displayed in order being showed after I got a permission to be here.)

Thank you for introducing my exhibition through your SNS page and Blog.

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